Private Label Machines (updated for 2021)

Step By Step Training To Succeed With Amazon FBA in 2021

Rs.13,00,000 + in the last 30 days

Selling On Amazon Full Time

So, What is AMAZON FBA?

You Find a product By special techniques, list the product, Amazon ships it. Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world and Multiple Fulfillment centers in every state. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products. FBA can help you scale your business to the FEW THOUSANDS to OVER 13-15 LAKHS Per Month in under 6 months like I did.

With this method of creating an Amazon business, I will help you be able to work wherever you want, travel whenever you want, and create an automated income while doing the many things you love.

Whether you’re in a Job Working for someone ,Or a student . I don’t care if you don’t have any experience or don’t know where to start because in this program I will hold your hand and show you every step of the way. All I care about is if you work hard, have a no quit attitude, and stay persistent!

With that in mind I would like to invite you to change your life around like I did a couple months back and let me show you how I went from working a job I hated to making MORE THAN 3 LAKHS in PROFIT online every MONTH using the Amazon Marketplace!

Imagine having the financial freedom to do whatever you want on your own terms. Amazon is growing insanely fast every day, and the opportunity has not been so wide open!
Wondering If This Will Work For You?1

Check Out these results of mine and my students in as little as 2 months

Real Results From My Students!

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Here’s What happened during Lockdown

My Amazon Sales Increased 30% After LOCKDOWN when most of the business was still shut. Yes, Not only mine but almost all amazon sellers are seeing a growth of 30% in their sales, especially the sellers that are using FBA.

I include a dedicated module on how to source From India

I Know It’s been a little challenging for those who do only Air shipping, with these delays that happened in the past few months to ship and import from china(Though it’s completely fine and normal now), 

So I have launched a few products sourced from India as well and included STEP BY STEP Guide on How TO SOURCE FROM INDIA As well.

What's next?

In this Amazon Private Label Machines Course, you will learn everything you need to know about creating a successful Amazon FBA business starting from scratch. In the amazon world things are always changing, so I will be continuously updating and adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on!


Here are just a FEW of the many things I will teach you!

Now you may ask... Why would I pay for a course?

If you try and teach yourself I know you will spend at least 50,000 in trial and error if not more. Plus if you do things wrong you have the potential of getting your Amazon Account Suspended which will completely destroy your chances of succeeding with Amazon. So why not save yourself some time, money, and headache by learning from an experienced 7 Figure Amazon Seller that has already walked this road.EVEN WHEN i WAS STARTING OUT tHE COURSE i TOOK WAS OF 300USD THAT IS CLOSE TO RS. 35,000.

I know the value is there and how much of an impact it will make on your life as you achieve financial freedom! But at the end of the day If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back

(Applies Only If You Have Completed Less Than 25% of Course Content)


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Multiple Ways of Selling on Amazon & Which One Is Best
  • How Much Can You Earn From This Business
  • Introduction to Cash Flow (You Should Know This From Before)
  • Rule of 3 (the Backbone of Our Business Model)
  • Basic Business Requirements & Set Up Cost
  • Company Name Vs Brand Name Vs Store Name
  • Basics of Intellectual Property,trademarks,product Liability Insurance & Copyrights
  • Ins and Outs Gst Registration
  • Opc/pvt Ltd Should You Choose One?
  • Introduction to Iec No. Apob Registration on Gst
  • Benefits of Getting Trademark
  • Patents,and How to Check One Google Patents Analysis
  • Fba Vs Fbm Which One Should You Choose
  • Introduction to Amazon Fees , Fba Fees
  • Why You Should Wait Before Quitting Your Job Right Now
  • Seller Central Walkthrough (Backend)
  • Common Amazon Fba Terms You Should Know Before Selling
  • What Are Feedback and Types
  • Investment Required Step by Step Calculation With Different Product Cost
  • Product Research Through Free Method?without Any Tools
  • Category Search Box Method
  • (Method 1)finding Products Through Bestseller Method With Price Range
  • How To Use Product Evaluator Sheet
  • (Method 2)finding Products In Sub-sub Categories
  • (Method 3) Finding Product Through Hot New Releases
  • 30 Point Product Checklist
  • Bonus Paid Method Product Research & Competition Analysis
  • Product Research Paid Method
  • Keyword Research Paid Method
  • Keyword Index Checking Paid Method
  • Bonus Product Research (Paid Method)
  • Finding Products Through Paid Software Tool
  • Analysing Product Through Paid Software Tool
  • Product Research Through Brand Analytics
  • Validating Products
  • Product Research Free Method Updated For 2021
  • Analysing Sales History By Bsr
  • Analysing Rating Quality & Reviews
  • Analysing Demand
  • Analysing By Brand Analytics And Market Search
  • Checking Seasonality For Products
  • Manual Sales Track Method (999 Trick)
  • Product Validation (Paid Method)
  • Checking Relevance & Competition (Paid Method)
  • Differentiation & Bundling
  • Differentiation Through Analysing Reviews
  • Finding New Improved Design to Launch
  • Finding Products To Bundle
  • Analysing Reviews For Bundles
  • Niche Name & Accessories Method For Bundle Ideas
  • Why Bsr Of Bundle Product Matters
  • Bundling Ebooks With Products At Cheap Price
  • Finding Bundle Ideas In Flipkart
  • How To Source The Bundles
  • How To Prepare The Proforma Invoice For Ordering Main Product With Bundle
  • How To Prepare The Packing List For Ordering Main Product With Bundle
  • Different Ways To Pay For The Bundles
  • How To Pack The Bundles
  • Understanding Size Chart ( How To Calculate Fba Fees And Product Box Dimensions)
  • Analysing Review Images For Competitors Packaging
  • Alibaba Walkthrough
  • Finding Trusty Supplier
  • Some Metrics To Look For In A Supplier
  • Trade Assurance Orders
  • Trading Company Vs Manufacturer
  • Ordering Multiple Samples With Cheap Shipping
  • Contact Supplier Template
  • Some Negotiating Tricks I Use
  • How To Create Proforma Invoice
  • How To Create Commercial Invoice
  • How To Pay Through Bank
  • Bill Of Entry
  • How To Ship By Sea
  • How To Ship By Air
  • Documents Required To Import By Air/sea
  • Shipping Term Exw Vs Fob (Which One To Choose)
  • Shipping Cost Estimation Calculator
  • How To Use
  • Sourcing From India
  • When To Source From India
  • Finding Suppliers
  • How To Contact Indian Suppliers
  • Few Other Methods To Find Indian Suppliers
  • Making Packaging For Indian Sourced Products
  • Different Types Of Corrugated Boxes
  • 3 Methods Of Keyword Research
  • Getting Keywords Of Top 5 Competitors
  • Filtering Best Keywords
  • Analysing Keyword Indexing Of Top Competitor
  • Some Amazon Policies To Know From Before
  • Creating A Optimized Listing
  • How To Choose The Right Category
  • How To Add A Product In A Category
  • Upc Barcodes
  • How To Prepare Best Titles
  • How To Influence Canonical Url
  • How To Make Eye Catching Bullet Points
  • How To Not Waste Your Honeymoon Period
  • Description And Html
  • Filling Backen With Keywords
  • Optimizing Listing For Mobiles
  • Bonus Video Listing Creation
  • Some Guidelines For Title,bullet & Description Creation
  • Some Examples Of Good And Bad Product Listings
  • Everything About Main Image
  • Dimensions & Size Of Product Image
  • How To Create The Best Main Image
  • How To Erentiate Main Image From Competitors
  • Main Image Dimension Ratios
  • How To Prepare Main Image With Bundle
  • Infographics ,product Dimension Images & Lifestyle Images
  • Optimizing Images For Mobile & Desktop View
  • How To Create A Main Image By A Free Tool
  • Case Study Of Some Great Images
  • Dimensional Images
  • Lifestyle Images
  • What’s In The Box Image
  • Comparison Chart Image
  • Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content Examples)
  • Walkthrough Of Amazon Advertising Dashboard
  • Sponsored Products Placements
  • Overview Of Campaign Manager
  • What Are Portfolios And How To Correctly Use Them
  • Breaking Down The Metrics That Show Up On Campaign Manager (Spend, Sales, Impressions, Orders,
  • Acos, Ctr)
  • Explaining Acos, And How To Calculate Break-even Acos
  • Explaining Campaign Nomenclature
  • Creating A Campaign
  • Discussing Campaign Settings
  • Campaign Bidding Strategy
  • Negative Keyword Targeting
  • Manual Targeting
  • Different Match Types
  • Product Targeting Campaigns
  • Refined Category Targeting
  • Advertising Reports
  • Pre Launch Check Points
  • How To Create Coupons
  • Understanding Selling Price During Launch
  • How To Set Up And Use Digital Coupons
  • Common Amazon Advertising Terms
  • Structuring Your Ppc Campaigns
  • How To Use Automatic Campaigns
  • How To Use Manual Campaigns
  • Product Targeting Campaigns
  • Ppc Launch Campaigns
  • Setting Up Campaign Budgets
  • How To Negative Target Keywords And Asins
  • Everything About Campaign Bidding Strategies
  • Creating A Automatic Campaign Step By Step
  • Creating A Manual Keyword Campaign Step By Step
  • Creating A Manual Product Targeting Campaign Step By Step
  • Relation Between Relevance And Keyword Bidding
  • Metrics To Extract Keywords From Search Term Report
  • Organic Sales Vs Ppc Sales
  • Calculating Breakeven Acos
  • Getting The Full Out Of Product Targeting
  • Search Term Report Analysis
  • Creating Campaigns With Converting Keywords
  • Ppc Placements
  • Where Are Different Placementsyour Ads Appear
  • Product Page Placement Vs Search Page Placement
  • Optimize For Product Page Placement
  • Optimize For Search Page Placement
  • Get High Sales From High Converting Placements
  • Optimizing Automatic Campaigns Based On Placements And Targeting
  • Amazon Video Ads
  • How To Create Abrand Video Ads
  • Review Keyword Campaigns By Word Count
  • What Is Search Find Buy
  • How Search Find Buy Benefits Asin Keyword Ranking
  • Creating Facebook Ads Step By Step
  • Creating Search Find Buy Flow Using Manychat (Template Attached)
  • Ranking Single Keyword At A Time Through Search Find Buy
  • Ranking Multiple Keywords At A Time In Search Find Buy
  • How To Get Add To Carts To Increase Ranking
  • Basics Of Influencer Marketing
  • How To Find Micro Influencers
  • How To Contact Microinfluencers For Free Promotions
  • My Email Template To Contact Influencers

  • Importance Of Reviews
  • Relation Between Reviews And Helpful Votes
  • Types Of Reviews
  • Star Rating Calculation
  • How To Manipulate Helpful Votes For Our Good
  • Steps For Getting 5 Star Review
  • Set Of Product Inserts That I Use
  • Setting Follow Up Emails He Right Way
  • Copy Past My Product Insert Templates
  • Steps To Get Initial Set Of Reviews
  • Steps To Get The Most Converting Reviews
  • Amazon Terms Of Services (Things You Can Do To Get Reviews)
  • Amazon Terms Of Services (Things You Can Not Do To Get Reviews)
  • How To Get Video Reviews At One Click

  • Review Automation Set Up (Tools You Can Use For Free)
  • Automating The Whole Review Process
  • Getting Consistent Reviews After Launch
  • Setting Up Manychat Sequences(Template Attached)
  • Setting Up Manychat Growth Tool For Product Inserts
  • Setting Up Automated Email Follow Ups For Free
  • Save Your Star Rating With One Small Trick
  • 3.5 Star To 4 Star In One Click (Template)
  • How To Set Up Broadcasts
  • How To Use Request Review Button The Right Way
  • Product Validation And Selection
  • Market Analysis With One Image
  • Amazon Editorial Recommendation
  • How To Show Your Product On Amazon Editorial Recommendation
  • Re Rank Your Asin After 50-60 Days Of Staying Out Of Stock
  • Preparing Gstr1 Data From Mtr Report
  • Preparing Gstr3b Data From Mtr Report
  • Analysing Business Purchases
  • Analysing Gst On All Amazon Charges
  • Filling Gstr1 Return In Gst Portal Live
  • Filling Gstr3b Retun In Gst Portal Live
  • Calculations For Imports
  • Filling B2b Invoices In Gst Portal
  • Filling Itc (Tax Already Paid )
  • Filling Tds/Tcs Returns
    • How To Create A Fba Shipment
    • Send Your Products To Fba Warehouse
    • Everything About Fba Barcodes And Shipping Labels
    • How To Book Ats Vehicle For Pickup
    • How To Book Fc Appointment
    • How To Create Stn Invoice
    • How To Create A E-Waybill
    • How To Send Shipment From Chinese Factory To Fba Warehouse Directly
    • How To Build Brand Engagement
    • How To Get A Customer Purchase Again And Again
    • Ways To Increase Brand Loyalty
    • Avoid Getting Negative Reviews Even With Damaged Products
    • Case Study Of On Of My Product That Came Damaged From My Factory
    • Step By Step Creating Headline Search Ads
    • Brand Video Ads
    • How To Create Best Converting A+ Content
    • How To Make A Branded Store
    • Step By Step How To Fba Enrollment
    • Step By Step Apob Registration In Gst
    • Step By Step Registering For Iec Code
    • Gtin Exemption The Right Way
    • Get Product Tax Code
    • Amazon Seller Registration The Right Way
      • How Much Amazon Pays You Per Product Sold
      • Analysing Transactions And Deductions
      • Amazon Payment Cycle ( When Amazon Will Pay You)
      • Charges Associated With Return/refund
      • Refund Charges/refund Commision
      • What Is Sellable Return
      • Amazon Reimbursements
      • Automate Amazon Lost And Damage Reimbursements
      • How To Analyse Amazon Reimbursement Report
        • Bulk sheet Training
        • Brand Validation
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